Diamedix is a leading manufacturer for both instrumentation and ELISA kits which test a variety of autoimmune and infectious diseases. Our commitment to provide quality products has been backed with an FDA clearance through the 510K process for both manual and automated methods. Diamedix’s immunosimplicity® (IS®) reagents incorporate sensitivity and specificity to provide ease-of-use and quality reagents that every hospital, laboratory and doctors office need for reliable and accurate patient test results. We are heavily invested in the research and development to provide the highest levels of performance and efficiency through the use of our instrumentation and/or kits. Diamedix has also partnered with other reagent manufactures to provide an expanded array of tests that include additional ELISA tests, IFA kits, slides and components.



Diamedix manufactures and provides an integrated laboratory solution with the MAGO ® 4S Automated Immunoassay System or the MAGO ® Plus Automated EIA Analyzer. We also manufacture a complete range of infectious disease and auto-immune Elisa Test Kits that have been specially configured for use on our instrumentation. Diamedix also provides the DSX® and DS2 ® with disposable tips and exclusive custom reagent racks. These racks are configured for Dimedix kits bottles and tubes, eliminating the need to ‘pour off’ into other containers thus facilitating automated testing on our platforms.

Diamedix formulates reagents for immunoassay diagnostics that produce the sensitivity and accuracy needed in providing patients the most efficient and precise results. Our Test kits are configured to make them easy to use manually but users gain the highest level of convenience and flexibility in testing when used on our instrumentation. We are supported with our FDA approval in confirming our promise to deliver quality products. Diamedix has also partnered with other reagent manufactures to be able to offer our customers an expansive array of additional ELISA test kits, IFA kits, slides and components.