About Us


Diamedix Corporation (USA) – US FDA approved, Diamedix Corporation has been on the leading edge of medical diagnostic technologies for more than a quarter century. Throughout the years, Diamedix has continued to pioneer unique immunodiagnostic innovations in its products, procedures and in the development of integrated instrument and reagent systems for both autoimmune and infectious disease detection. It continues the ERBA Group's tradition of developing product systems designed specifically to simplify and improve diagnostic testing in ways that enhance efficiency and accuracy, while promoting economy.



The ERBA Group is represented in USA by its subsidiary ERBA Diagnostics Inc. earlier known as IVAX Diagnostics. The company specializes in manufacture and marketing of proprietary diagnostic reagents, test kits and instrumentation in the areas of autoimmune, clinical chemistry, hematology, diabetes and infectious diseases.

ERBA Diagnostics has further strengthened ERBA Group's comprehensive portfolio of instrument and reagent solutions.

With its team of experienced marketing, technical and service professionals and a strong and extensive distribution network the company lives up to the ERBA Group's philosophy of consistently delivering excellence through innovation, technology and customer service.

Each of its subsidiaries have added to the credibility of ERBA Diagnostics.

Our Mission Statement

Promise to Deliver


“Our promise is to deliver innovative diagnostic solutions required by the global marketplace, through talented, passionate employees who are committed to provide quality products and services to our customers."